Manufacturer of Electroluminescent and LED Lighting

Californeon lighting also known as TAPELIGHT, LightTape, NeonTape, LightStrip, and Flatlite has been around since 1994. We have been private labeling our products for companies in several different industries around the world. Californeon products also have been available through major retailers such as K-Mart, Western Auto, Pepboys, Kragen Automotive, etc. Imagine a strip of light so flexible, so durable; that you can simply bend it like tape.

Imagine a strip of light that you can cut to any length and it will still light. A strip of light that has the same beautiful clarity and vibrancy of neon and yet will not break. No need to imagine because tomorrow’s technology is today’s reality. We call it Californeon. Many innovative products were developed from the billions of research dollars spent on the NASA space program. Californeon is one of those products and is destined to Revolutionize the lighting industry, as we know it.

It is Electroluminescent (“EL”) lighting.

When we think of lighting sources we think of fragile, rigid, breakable, bulky fixtures made of glass, containing gas. EL has none of these drawbacks. Can you imagine a lighting source thin as a business card? So flexible that you can wrap it around your finger? One that does not come out of a box, but rolled up in lengths up to five hundred feet. So sheer that you can cut it to the desired length with ordinary scissors. A light that comes in widths as small as 1/4″ of an inch and as wide as 30 inches. It requires only one connection and one ballast, runs as long as 300 feet giving consistent, even brightness throughout the entire length. Imagine no more. It’s here!

A Robust Lighting System that lights better than neon! It’s flexible and can be cut to any length!



  • Low installed cost with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Low energy cost per visible light unity (foot lamberts)
  • High contrast laser like light provides crisp visibility for miles, even in bad weather
  • Many colors available, and several colors can be combined within one lamp run
  • Lengths of hundreds of feet with consistent, even, light throughout


  • Systematized part and material selection for all applications
  • Field modifiable, up to 300 feet between connections
  • Only simple common installation tools are needed
  • Narrow to wide sizes & large panels are available
  • Think, flexible & compact; simple, robust & reliable


  • Visible through smoke, haze, fog and bad weather (perfect for safety lighting)
  • Unbreakable
  • Water-resistant
  • 99% energy conversion to light (No heat)
  • Long continuous runs with no line loss


  • Suitable for interior or exterior uses?specify when ordering
  • Can be used on vehicles and boats
  • E.L. Drivers available for input voltages of 12 VDC, 24 VDC 110/240 VAC,
  • Excellent backlighting source for duro trans or transparencies


  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Building exteriors
  • Interior soffits
  • Theatre stairs
  • Aisle lighting
  • Bridges
  • Mines
  • Restaurants
  • Displays
  • Signage
  • Jetways
  • Retails areas of malls
  • Industrial
  • Public vehicles for safety precautions
  • Marinas
  • Tunnels
  • Railroad/Subway stations
  • Elevators
  • Hospitals
  • Theme Parks