RGB Vivid Flex Lighting
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RGB Vivid Flex
RGB Vivid Flex™

RGB Color changing LED Neon Flex Vivid is by far the most reliable color changing flexible neon product on the market. It is the product of choice in flexible LED lights for theater, award shows, or any other commercial application requiring color changing; this product is always a hit.

  • Tri-chip RGB SMD5050 LED as its light source
  • First-class eco-friendly UV-resistant PVC materials
  • Flat surface, continuous glow with invisible light points, high brightness, even mixture of colors
  • Environmentally friendly and energy saving
  • Transverse minimum bending diameter: 120mm
  • Easy to install, can be cut and reconnected (connection accessories available)
  • Protection rating IP68 (All joints and connectors must be hermetically sealed to achieve IP68)

*This product requires the use of a controller (sold separately)

LED Neon Flex Vivid RGB